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9:00 PM Eastern Time
AUTISM BRAINSTORM: Miller Method® Hangout MAY 2015
with Ethan Miller and Panelists 
Welcome to the MAY 2015 segment of THE MILLER METHOD® Hangout On Air with Ethan Miller and his group of panelists.  This Hangout will draw from our Previous Description on the Umvelt Assessment and bridge in the Parent Child Training or PCT

PCT typically includes over 3 or 4 days:

1.Umvelt Assessment ( and possible second UA)
2.Expanded Session on the Elevated Square (parents included)
3.Tasks at the Sunflower table
4.Individual session with MM speech and language therapist
5.Individual session with MM Occupational Therapist
6.Individual session with Movement Therapist
7.Individual session with Music Therapist
8.Conference Session with Parents and all Therapist present
9.Planning a learning strategy
10. Written report 

10:30 PM Eastern Time
AUTISM BRAINSTORM: Adventures of a Young Aspie
"Tonight I will discuss navigating life on the spectrum through the college years and will cover topics such as disability services, how to tell your professors, and the benefits of always fully disclosing your autism."
~Miriam M.

9:00 PM Eastern Time
AUTISM BRAINSTORM: Guy Talk with Dr. Robert Naseef
Sunday, June 14, Guy Talk will focus on how fathers of children with autism and special needs can appreciate and honor their own mothers and the devoted mothers of their children.  Setting aside a day to honor mothers is important, but true gratitude requires expression beyond flowers, cards, and going out to eat. A mother’s love is boundless, and this is a time to reflect on our sweetest memories of women as mothers and grandmothers. Beyond honoring the woman who raised him, the most important thing a father can do for his children is to love and appreciate their mother. Our special contributor is James May, the former director of the National Fathers Network. Although now retired, his contributions to the special needs community live on through the Washington State Fathers Network. James will share his wisdom and appreciation for women derived from many years of service to the special needs community around the country. James has a special perspective as he grew up with special health care needs.

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